• I feel guilty doing this in the middleNorma concert , but I can give you a money back guarantee on @fatherjohnmisty and his band tonight in #melbourne at the #forum

  • My plan was to quickly iron my shirt and then take a photo of the sunset over Perth city from the rooftop at our hotel. But then I realised the most important thing was to share that ever since a kid and watching my dad iron his shirt before he went off to work, the smell of an iron and the sound somehow give me this buzz like going into battle. Hell, it’s not an suit of armour, but in this day and age, it is. (at Alex Hotel)

  • Hello my little hollow skulled charitable plastic doggy full of coins..Ill see you when I get home from Perth. I had to go to play guitar in @clarebowditch sweet 10 piece band. Home soon. (at Melbourne Airport - Domestic Terminal)

  • Recording #themoth at howler. Hot night, hot stories!! Theme tonight is ’ BUSTED ‘

  • Spent the day out on a windswept hill making a short film about my obsession with bees. Ever tasted comb straight out of the hive? #liquidgold

  • It’s not enough to lock up refugees in Australia. Now we’re locking up harmless river stones in aid of landscaping security

  • My poor little collarbone from 4 weeks ago. Good news is I’m out of the sling, playing guitar, driving a car and about to start a lot of swimming. I’ll always have a little lump though. Kind of like a tattoo but more calcium-y

  • Saturday night at my house. Projectors and broken bones. #somelikeithot